Ox Hill Battlefield Park

ox hill battlefield park fairfax va park trail

Parking: Free

Bathrooms: None

Water Fountain: None

Directions/Google Maps: 38.864278, -77.369759

Food Near by? Tons of places to eat

Located in the heart of Fairfax VA, this small historical park is a fantastic place to visit.  Ox Hill Battlefield Park, is the site of the only battle fought in Fairfax County during the civil war.  The park offers quite a few things for those who decide to visit.  The park offers a paved path perfect for walking.  It’s a relatively short trail that will take around 5-7 minutes to walk the full circle.

ox hill battlefield park
park enterance

Aside from going for a quick casual stroll, the park also offers an interpretative trail.

ox hill battlefield park
park trail

There are 9 kiosks in total, we recommend going in order to get the full experience. We took my in-laws when they first visited the area, and they loved it. Took around 20 minutes to walk all the way through while reading the kiosks. It is pretty wide open, but there is occasional shade provided by the trees.

Ox Hill Battlefield Park was part of a $700,000 renovation made by Fairfax County. A very interesting feature the County added was the two memorials made to honors the two fallen Union generals during the battle of Ox Hill in the Civil War.


A fantastic little park to check out before or after getting a meal in Fairfax, VA. Should take less than 20 mins if you are in a rush, but maybe around 30 mins if you want to enjoy everything it has to offer.


Where can I park my vehicle?

Parking is ample as most people walk to the park.  Occasionally there are some cars that park off the side of monument drive, where there is space.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, tons of people walking dogs, or playing in the field of the park.

Is there a trail?
Yes, there is an interpretive trail numbering from 1-9 (see image above). We recommend following them in order to get the full experience of a battlefield from the past.

Is it paved?
Yes the park is fully paved, with bricks though so can be slightly uneven.

Is it baby friendly?
Yes, definitely bring your baby.  We often see parents walking with their kids here usually reading the plaques to them.

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